The Reformation of Food and the Family Conference: A Review

 Titanic Event

One of my new, wonderful friends in Santa Barbara, Jenna, sent me an email a little over a month ago alerting me to this conference.  I was SO excited about an event where Christians were talking about food issues, because seeing that combo come together has been a passion of mine for a number of years now.  I also happen to think gluttony is the last acceptable sin in the church (at the cost of oppressing the ‘least of these’) and, as a whole, we Christians are getting schooled on creation-care by our hippy counterparts.   So it was a real encouragement to hear that the Vision Forum was tackling this mighty subject. Continue reading


RECIPE: Grain-free Pancakes


I realize that grain-free is all the rage right now but, though I’m gluten-intolerant, I am not morally against all grains.  (Too many bread references in the B-I-B-L-E, for one…  And I do realize that the bread was a completely different beast back then than our SAD Wonderbread, but I am happy to report that Jack Bezian is making Old Worlde bread that he ferments for up to a month and are amazingly delicious and easily tolerated by many a gluten-hater.  I digress, but it was so worth it…)

So I’ve been looking for grain-free recipes that are a compromise between the almond flour pucks and the coconut flour egg hogs.  Couldn’t find one, so I made one up.   Continue reading

The Sugar Manifesto

In 2008, after almost 5 years of membership, I wrote the following letter to our awesome church after a wonderful but sugar-filled retreat.  I questioned the disconnect between wanting to nourish our kids spiritually while pumping their little temples full of crap food.  I challenged the church to view food as a justice issue.  I gave suggestions for alternative snack options.  And, to the credit of the leadership, they took me up on my suggestions… and promptly put me in charge of kids snacks for the next retreat.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease – and sometimes the responsibility.  =)

Though (as a whole) we’re a little late to the party, Christians in large numbers, are starting to notice that food matters to God. Continue reading

RECIPE: Fermented Blueberry Chutney


I just submitted this to a Whole Foods original recipe contest.  Here’s hoping!  (Although I can’t imagine that they would ever pick a recipe with the word “bacteria” in it… Scaredy cats.)


Note:  Fermented foods tend to be easy to throw together, but require time for those friendly bacteria to do their glorious work.  Fermentation preserves foods naturally while also providing healthy probiotic bacteria that aid in digestion.  Because of the benefits, traditional cultures ate fermented condiments at every meal.  So they are delicious AND nutritious – it’s a win-win!   Continue reading

Real Food for Real Families

This was the presentation that I gave at our MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group when I lived in DC.  (A little shout out to my DC friends – miss you all!)  A few of the gals became Real Food Fanatics after our little discussion – so proud…


FIRST THINGS FIRST – No one can do it all.  Grace not guilt.

ABOUT ME – My journey and passion to connect faith and food…

DISCLAIMERS – This is politically incorrect and may be a paradigm shift.  Everyone is different.  PRAY for family support and desire.

WHAT IS REAL FOOD? Continue reading

Eat Real Food (Or As Our Grandparents Called It, “Food.”)

This post is for those just beginning to walk in the Real Food Ways.  Take note that this is an ever evolving journey and though there are some very obvious characteristics about Real Food, each person has to find (and tweak) the version that works for them.  (The variations of the Paleo lifestyle, Raw food movement, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, etc. will have to wait for another post.)

And because this blog is called “Shesourceful” instead of “Sheexplainsitalleventhoughlotsofotherpeoplealreadyhave,” I’m just going to pass along a few links to some great Real Food resources.  I will try to use my editing super powers because there are too many to choose from.  Ya know, because Real Food is all the rage.  Actually it was all there was until around the Industrial Revolution.  But I digress… Continue reading