The Overwhelming Resource for “All Things Postpartum” (Part 3)

(I began our ever-growing and far from complete journey into the world of pregnancy, birth, and babies here, and then continued it here, and am trying to wrap it up below.  Wish me luck.)

So now that I am 2 months postpartum with my fourth little miracle, I figure it is time to finish this postpartum blog post.  It’s always great to review the amazing information that is out there and to see it from a fresh perspective.

And many congrats to the sweet new babies that have joined us recently and the ones that are on the way!

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A Very Chocolate-y Lent

We began observing Lent as a family just a few years ago, having grown up in an evangelical background that didn’t acknowledge much of the liturgical calendar.  Though we don’t want to get all religious/legalistic about it, there is value in celebrating along with the universal and historical church.

In the past I would thoughtlessly give up a few of my favorite vices: TV, chocolate, Facebook, and Girl Scout cookies.  (Does anyone else think it’s odd that they come out during Lent each year?)  But I have recently felt encouraged to make Lent about more than just my trendy, superficial sacrifices.

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The Much Anticipated Birth Story

Not quite sure why it has taken so long to put my fourth birth experience into words…  Obviously a little busy around here and New Girl has decided that her awake time will be right after I put the others’ to bed.  But I think the procrastination is due to the energy that it takes to put such an intense, amazing experience into words.  I’m determined to try, though; and to do so before I forget too many of the gooey details.  And “gooey” is just the beginning of the Too Much Information that you are about to ingest, so if you don’t have the stomach for it, you may want to just watch this and call it a night.

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The Overwhelming Resource for “All Things Birth” (Part 2)


(I started with part 1 of this post here and will continue with *more* baby information below!  Can you even handle it?!)


Here are a couple more childbirth resources that I wanted to add to our list.

In terms of preparing your body physically for birth, there are some very important exercises worth doing.  And this book gives exercises and pointers for before and after birth, in order to get your body back into pre-baby condition.  (I’m not talking weight loss, but making sure that internal organs and muscle structures get re-toned and put back into position.  Don’t go bouncing on a trampoline until your nether regions are back in order, if you catch my drift…) Continue reading

The Overwhelming Resource for “All Things Pregnancy” (Part 1)


Since getting pregnant with my first daughter over 8 years ago (!) and now heading into my 4th birth at the end of this year (!), I have been collecting resources regarding healthy pregnancies, natural childbirth, the initial parenting years, and all manner of controversial stuff that you never knew was a part of having children – until you started having children.  And because of my fascination and promotion of these subjects from an alternative, non-mainstream slant, I continually get emails from

…and after!

newly pregnant family, friends, and acquaintances asking for a variety of resources.  So I have finally decided to add it to this blog in its ever-changing form.

So enjoy this overwhelming, yet finite list of baby interesting-ness and please add your favorite go-to resources in the comments below.

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The Sugar Manifesto

In 2008, after almost 5 years of membership, I wrote the following letter to our awesome church after a wonderful but sugar-filled retreat.  I questioned the disconnect between wanting to nourish our kids spiritually while pumping their little temples full of crap food.  I challenged the church to view food as a justice issue.  I gave suggestions for alternative snack options.  And, to the credit of the leadership, they took me up on my suggestions… and promptly put me in charge of kids snacks for the next retreat.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease – and sometimes the responsibility.  =)

Though (as a whole) we’re a little late to the party, Christians in large numbers, are starting to notice that food matters to God. Continue reading

Grieving Through Miscarriages

Since the 2nd miscarriage I’ve been doing surprisingly okay, I thought.

As soon as the first baby passed, I cried instantly.  It triggered a deep sobbing that lasted longer than I can remember ever crying.  But with the 2nd I seemed to feel more resigned to what was happening – not a lot of bitterness, questioning of God, etc.  After the first, God had spoken very clearly to me, “I am going to use this miscarriage for My glory.” And He has – in numerous ways.  And I believe that is still true with this one.

But the grieving has felt different.   Continue reading

In Defense of the Over-Protective Parent

 I am a definitely a member of the “let our kids have their childhoods back” choir that nature-loving Richard Louv and stranger-danger poo poo-er Lenore Skenazy have been preaching to.  In contrast to the security guard who would not let my kids climb a tempting tree on public property because they might hurt themselves, I submit a wise mom’s reaction to her child’s own tree-fall injury:  “What a great way to break your arm!”

But since the  “Stranger-danger-is-all-but-a-figment-of-your-cowardly-imagination, you-freak!” message has recently gained some momentum, I’m sensing some imbalance in the movement.  I’ve always rooted for the underdog, been a voice for the voiceless – and I’m feeling like normal, albeit slightly anxious parents of the world are taking a hit that they don’t deserve.  And it’s time for this normal, slightly anxious parent to say something about it.

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A Home Birth Story (contains graphic birth-related spoilers)

Baby bump and excited siblings

 Alright, birth fans.  Here are the glorious details that many of you have been waiting for.  If you don’t like Too Much Information specifically regarding bodily fluids, the nether regions and various other birth-type details (no crazy pictures though), then I recommend you go find a post involving a recipe or something.  I am the “open book” type and you, my friend, have been warned… Continue reading