Selfie against the bathroom wall! I think this was take 4…

I am Melanie.  I am an Offspring and Habitation Development Specialist.  I am an information gatherer of the highest order.  I am addicted to interesting ideas and my love language is sharing resources.  I am… (*superhero music playing*)  SHESOURCEFUL!

I want to empower women – in a single blog – to use our God-given intuition and wisdom to creatively steward our most valuable blessings.  From home remedies and do it yourself projects to favorite recipes, books, and websites to unique resources for growing our hearts, minds and homes, I shall pass on the resources I’ve gathered, loved and shared over the years.  And I hope to continue learning from YOU about how to become more SHESOURCEFUL!  (*music crescendos AND… fade out*)

“Alright, we get it. Very creative, taking the ‘re’ out of ‘resourceful’ and making it a ‘she.’  But are you going to keep writing it over and over?  And does it have to be in all caps?”

We shall see, fellow SHESOURCES!  Moo! hoo! ha! ha! *cough* *sputter* *throat clearing.*  Sorry, tickle in the throat.  Gotta go gargle some firewater….

Navigation image used with persimmons.

Many thanks to my college friend and Graphic Design Hero, Tim, for helping we wade through all the webby/techie stuff.  

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