Eat Real Food (Or As Our Grandparents Called It, “Food.”)

This post is for those just beginning to walk in the Real Food Ways.  Take note that this is an ever evolving journey and though there are some very obvious characteristics about Real Food, each person has to find (and tweak) the version that works for them.  (The variations of the Paleo lifestyle, Raw food movement, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, etc. will have to wait for another post.)

And because this blog is called “Shesourceful” instead of “Sheexplainsitalleventhoughlotsofotherpeoplealreadyhave,” I’m just going to pass along a few links to some great Real Food resources.  I will try to use my editing super powers because there are too many to choose from.  Ya know, because Real Food is all the rage.  Actually it was all there was until around the Industrial Revolution.  But I digress…

The Weston A. Price Foundation – This is the definitive resource on the Real or Traditional Food movement.  It is the most info-packed overwhelming site ever.  And I LOVE it.  I still search it regularly.  Start with a tour to understand what constitutes “real food.” Find your local chapter to get support from fellow Real Food Freaks.  And consider becoming a member, because these go-against-the-mainstream non-profits need all the support they can get.  Plus you get quarterly journals with, you guessed it, MORE INFO!

Real Food Media – This is a collection of bloggers who go on and on about how great real food is.  A couple of my personal favorite blogs within this group are Nourished Kitchen, Cheeseslave, and Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook – Many a real food recipe has been launched with this as its original inspiration.  About a decade ago, a dear friend kindly let me pry her fingers off her tattered copy for the weekend and the 70+ page introduction changed my life.  Seriously, it will be the most fascinating cookbook you ever actually read.

Helpful Hint:  Whenever I’m looking for a recipe from a real food point of view, I always add the word “nourishing” or “nutrient-dense” to my search.  They make a great filter for finding real/traditional food ideas.

Where are you on the real food journey?


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