The Boredom List

I like to make lists.  It’s not because I’m organized, but because I’m visual.  I have so much going on in my head that if I can’t look at a list of things that are specific to what I’m dealing with, then I won’t remember the great thoughts I once had about this particular circumstance.  Is this making sense?

Anywho, I decided to make “The Boredom List” for the moments when I’ve checked email/Facebook more than once within 10 minutes, or I’m looking around the house at all the things to do and get mentally paralyzed, or I am just straight motivation-less.

I knew I needed a list of things made by my “responsible self” to remind my “paralyzed, computer-numbed self” what is truly important before I fall into a time-sucking black hole.

Try making your own, write/print it out, and stick it next to your computer.


  • Read Scripture/Pray/Journal/Worship
  • Interact with your family (you know, that guy you married and those little people you both produced)
  • Go to sleep, you night owl!
  • Do some exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, trampoline, stretching, etc.)
  • Write a fruitful blog post (maybe one about being bored.  Oh wait…)
  • Prepare food (ferments, kids’ lunches)
  • Read your latest book/magazine or research your latest interest
  • Call a friend – lots of folks to catch up with…
  • Clean/organize something (the kitchen is always a safe bet.)

What would you put on your “Boredom List?”


3 thoughts on “The Boredom List

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