Empower Retreat 2017 in quotes…


It was another wonderful Trades of Hope Retreat – this time in Music City – Nashville, TN.  Here are the most inspiring quotes that have me on FIRE with HOPE to continue empowering women around the world out of poverty!!!

“There are women I’ve got to go back and save.” – Katrina, one of our Thistle Farms artisan partners who came out of years of addiction and prostitution to make the beautiful Love Heals set.

nnppp0744at08un7-2-768x513.jpg“Women represent half of the world’s population and therefore, half of its potential.  We are missing out when half of the ideas are silenced; when half of the potential work force that could boost national economies are not working; when half of the population are not being equally represented in the laws, policies, and governments around the world.  Poverty will not end until women are empowered.” Elisabeth Huijskens, co-founder of Trades of Hope


“Direct Sales has played a huge role in women’s equality in the United States, including Earl Tupper’s (of Tupperware fame) wife being the first woman to make the cover of Business Week magazine.” – Gretchen Huijskens, co-founder of Trades of Hope

“We are a $10 million company!  But $32 billion is made in sex-trafficking every year, so we still have work to do.”  – Holly Wehde, co-founder of Trades of Hope

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

“The work we are doing deserves to be seen!” – Rachel Cunningham, Director Compassionate Entrepreneur

“Greatness is born in the difficult, not the easy.  I’m not going to give up because there is too much at stake.” – Jenni de Cojon, Director Compassionate Entrepreneur


“Be willing to hustle in the dark to get what people see in the light.” – Jess Argetsinger, National Executive Director

“We all have blindspots.  A wise person tries to see them.” – Holly Wehde

“You are better than you think!” – Erika Solgos, Director Compassionate Entrepreneur


My wonderful team of World Changers!

God created you for greatness – walk in it.  No, RUN in it.  And then DANCE in it!!!” – Holly

“Have fun and spread JOY!” – Chelsea Antos, co-founder of Trades of Hope

Gratitude is the key to owning your own story.” – Erin Woods, National Executive Director


One of the women that we partner with in Pakistan.

“Trades of Hope, you are why her face smile.” – Kanwel, the female leader and founder of our artisan partners in Pakistan and the namesake of the Kanwel scarf that I’m wearing.


Our Pakistan group has been on my heart for over a year, so I was so excited to finally meet Mushtaq and Kanwel!

HOPE is not birthed overnight.  It is a big baby.  🙂 It is a long time in the womb.  But when she is born. WOW!!!  We need you, because you get it – because your patience, your effort, your passions.  We need you to multiply because we have many people to reach.  They are learning to make more and it is giving them VISION.” – Mushtaq, husband of Kanwel, and co-leader of our artisan partners in Pakistan

“Stand up straight, strong girl.  The world is waiting for you!” – Sheli Massie, Director Compassionate Entrepreneur



For more info about beauty, empowerment and HOPE:  www.mytradesofhope.com/melaniesunukjian

So what are your dreams?  What brings you joy?  Set a clear pathway toward it and go out and change the world!


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