The Overwhelming Resource for “All Things Birth” (Part 2)


(I started with part 1 of this post here and will continue with *more* baby information below!  Can you even handle it?!)


Here are a couple more childbirth resources that I wanted to add to our list.

In terms of preparing your body physically for birth, there are some very important exercises worth doing.  And this book gives exercises and pointers for before and after birth, in order to get your body back into pre-baby condition.  (I’m not talking weight loss, but making sure that internal organs and muscle structures get re-toned and put back into position.  Don’t go bouncing on a trampoline until your nether regions are back in order, if you catch my drift…) Continue reading

Fermentation 101

The “Fermenting Females!”

I had the fun opportunity to host a Fermentation 101 class for a group of moms here in Santa Barbara and it was a ball!  I started by posting to my homeschool email list serve to see if anyone was open to doing a monthly fermented food swap (like one I had done in DC), but almost all who responded were curious about fermenting foods, yet wanted to learn more before they started swapping their creations.

So my hospitable friend, Jenna, opened up her home to 15 of us and we learned, tasted, and made sauerkraut and orange marmalade together.

Following are the notes, recipes and pictures of our little Fermentation Festival!

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The Overwhelming Resource for “All Things Pregnancy” (Part 1)


Since getting pregnant with my first daughter over 8 years ago (!) and now heading into my 4th birth at the end of this year (!), I have been collecting resources regarding healthy pregnancies, natural childbirth, the initial parenting years, and all manner of controversial stuff that you never knew was a part of having children – until you started having children.  And because of my fascination and promotion of these subjects from an alternative, non-mainstream slant, I continually get emails from

…and after!

newly pregnant family, friends, and acquaintances asking for a variety of resources.  So I have finally decided to add it to this blog in its ever-changing form.

So enjoy this overwhelming, yet finite list of baby interesting-ness and please add your favorite go-to resources in the comments below.

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The Sugar Manifesto

In 2008, after almost 5 years of membership, I wrote the following letter to our awesome church after a wonderful but sugar-filled retreat.  I questioned the disconnect between wanting to nourish our kids spiritually while pumping their little temples full of crap food.  I challenged the church to view food as a justice issue.  I gave suggestions for alternative snack options.  And, to the credit of the leadership, they took me up on my suggestions… and promptly put me in charge of kids snacks for the next retreat.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease – and sometimes the responsibility.  =)

Though (as a whole) we’re a little late to the party, Christians in large numbers, are starting to notice that food matters to God. Continue reading

Traditional Remedies for Healthy Homes

After the great time with my DC Mops moms talking about Real Food for Real Families, we entered into the winter season ready for some remedies.


“Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

Hippocrates (460-377 BC, Greek Physician and founding father of medicine)

DISCLAIMER – I am not a medical practitioner, but I have been reading, thinking about, and practicing natural healing alternatives for over 7 years.  I have 3 children with no cavities, antibiotics, or emergency room runs.  We’re all responsible for our healthcare choices.  Check with doctor if pregnant/nursing. This is not an exhaustive list (homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, etc.).  I’m going with “food as medicine” with a few other interesting goodies thrown in.

My purpose is to breathe new life into our God-given intuition about how He has designed our bodies to heal and created natural things to heal them.  Just a reminder that we have options… Continue reading

Fire Water, Baby!

This is our almost-gone version. Will post more pics of the whole process the next time I make some.

I make and share this crazy stuff every winter and because of its kick-tail effectiveness, many of my friends have requested the recipe over the years.  But first, a bit of history…

This was given to me by one of my Biola Resident Assistants (Hi, Hope!) who grew up chugging this stuff on the mission field in Albania. A few years later I found it called the “Natural Antibiotic” in Keepers at Home, a quaint Mennonite homemaking magazine and then again recently at the Weston A. Price conference where someone referred to it as the “Master Tonic.” The hubs has affectionately dubbed it “Fire Water.”  Whatever you choose to call it, make some, chug it, gag, sputter, feel your eyes water, and then kiss those little germies goodbye! Continue reading