RECIPE: Chocolate Deliciousness


This stuff surpasses any label you could try to burden it with.  It’s thicker than pudding, less sugary than a ganache, denser than a mousse and easier to make than a custard.  I know, I know.  People always say a recipe is easy and then they start saying things like “prepare a water bath,” “separate the white from the yolk,” or “sift the dry ingredients.”  (What?  I don’t sift.)

Well not this time.  This recipe is TRULY easy.  It’s all of four ingredients and requires very little heating.  And it’s healthy, what with all the dark chocolate, eggs & coconut.
I whipped it out again for another of my husbands birthday desserts and this time made it dairy free.  He gave it his ultimate food compliment:  “Restaurant Quality.”  

Serves 6 (thereabouts)
Prep time:  Like 4 minutes, seriously.
2 cups of dark chocolate (chips, bars broken up, the random chocolates that your kids keep getting from school/church that you confiscate and hide in the treat bin and may have been there since Halloween, etc.)
2 pastured eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups coconut milk or 2 cups raw cream (I miss our east coast Amish farmers)

Dump (you know it’s an easy recipe when the directions start with “dump”) the top three ingredients and mix together (very loudly) in your food processor.  Heat the coconut milk/cream on low heat until small bubbles emerge around the edges or it is hot to the touch – but don’t boil.  Then slowly pour the heated coconut milk/cream into the food processor while it’s running and blend until the chocolate is melted, the eggs are heated and the mixture is smooth.  Pour into serving cups/bowls and refrigerate until it thickens.  Serve with homemade whipped cream and/or a berry puree.  It’s rich, so a little goes a long way.

And be sure to let your kids lick up any leftovers.  They may bounce past their usual bedtime, but they’ll love you forever.  (I also let them have some after school.  Cool Mom Alert!)

I’m telling you – it’s like butta.  Enjoy!

Kids LOVE Chocolate Deliciousness

Kids LOVE Chocolate Deliciousness


12 thoughts on “RECIPE: Chocolate Deliciousness

  1. Ohhmygoodness this looks yummy. Now if I can just convert it to using cocoa powder (fair trade)…

  2. Good call, Jennifer. Fair trade chocolate is an important issue and I’d also like to try to substitute the sugar in the chocolate for stevia. Next time I will give those a try.

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