She laughs…


I had a genuinely good chuckle this morning at the humbling and ironic humor of parenting. My kids were trying to put into words the injustice of their sub-par lunches (which I make them pack and often from the dregs of what they can cobble together from the refrigerator and pantry) This was in comparison to other more desirable lunches that they have observed, apparently packed by, and I quote, “Moms Who Plan Ahead.” 🤣😜 (No disrespect, MWPA! I celebrate you and hope to learn more from you…)

And it felt good to laugh, because I could sense that I was releasing control of things that I never had control of in the first place anyway. And I even got a little teary because I am doing a little bit better of a job placing these things into the hands of Jesus, trusting His goodness and grace regarding: what people think of me, comparing my shortcomings with other moms’ natural strengths, and how my kids are ultimately going to turn out. #amongotherthings #Lordhavemercy

I will continue to put effort into grocery shopping 2-3 times a week to give my children more healthy yet inexpensive options (#oxymoron) and do my best to juggle All The Things, but I am taking more seriously that lovely little truth tucked into Proverbs chapter 31: “She can laugh at the days to come.” 😁  #SheLaughsBecauseSheIsFree #HopeThisBlessesSomeone




What say you?

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