Ethical shopping – on a budget!

Local THRIFT, CONSIGNMENT stores, and YARD SALES are great places to shop for deals.  And clothing, etc. SWAPS are fun and purposeful activities for friend groups.
But if you want to know that the creators behind your clothing, accessories, home decor, gifts, etc. are being EMPOWERED and NOT taken advantage of, than consider this unique option:
You can get 25-50% discounts** on Trades of Hope Fair Trade goodies by joining us as an Affiliate or Brand Ambassador with a $24 kit (plus tax & shipping – through the end of JUNE!) and have all the perks of a Compassionate Entrepreneur without the pressure of building a team, doing regular events, etc. Just wear and share in person and/or on social media when you feel like it – BEST HOBBY EVER!



The $24 kit comes with a Fair Trade bracelet from Haiti, a few supplies, and all the privileges of a Compassionate Entrepreneur without having to feel the pressure to start a new business, grow a team, host events, or sell consistently.

*You will:
💥Receive 25% back (through commission in your back office) on your own gift purchases and anyone who purchases through you. Each new major catalog launch, you’ll be able to purchase many NEW PIECES FOR 50% OFF!
💥STYLE, WEAR AND SHARE your fair trade pieces and let people know they can get it through you when you receive compliments.
💥Be eligible for all of our company’s generous REWARDS AND INCENTIVES should you qualify for any.

BrandAmbassador.jpeg💥POST on social media when you feel like it: product unboxing, selfies, gift-giving opportunities. We are launching a social-selling app for Instagram this summer to make this even easier!
💥Never host a home party, online empowerment event, or vendor show…unless you decide you want to!
💥 Get SUPPORT from me, your sponsor, with any technical issues you have, to help you host that one Christmas shopping party a year, or explore opportunities to increase your impact.
💥If you ever find yourself in need of a steadier income stream, you can scale up anytime.

Trades of Hope has ZERO required monthly fees. To stay active you need ONE sale of any size each YEAR (you can buy one Christmas gift a year to stay active!)



BOTTOM LINE: WE SIMPLY NEED MORE VOICES AND EXPOSURE for our artisan partners and if this level of involvement helps you catch the vision or naturally share with more people than you would have just being a customer, fan or hostess, then I would love to see you do it!

This kit option will go away June 30, so head to my site to check it out:
Click “Become a Partner” and scroll down to the $24 Explorer kit to learn more.  (After June 30th our $99 and $199 kits will still be available.)

$24 for a hobby, side hustle or joy job that changes lives and just might change yours?!?   What a deal!   Let me know if you have questions. Come change the world with me… and look good doing it! 😉



What say you?

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